How to buy an NFT

This step-by-step guide ensures you navigate the process of buying an NFT plan effortlessly, securing your digital world with precision.

1. Visit

Head to our NFT plan website,, and explore the array of NFT-based VPN plans tailored to your preferences.

2. Select Your Duration:

Browse through the available NFT plans, each offering different durations – 1 month, 6 months, and annual. Choose the duration that aligns with your security and connectivity needs.

3. Connect Your Wallet:

To complete the purchase, connect your cryptocurrency wallet securely. DeGuard accepts payment through up to 6 different blockchains providing flexibility and convenience.

4. Verify Transaction Details and Initiate the Transaction:

Before confirming your purchase, carefully review the transaction details. Ensure accuracy in the duration selected and the wallet address connected. Once confident in your choice, initiate the transaction. Your wallet will prompt you to confirm the purchase – a single click seals the deal.

5. Receive NFT Confirmation:

Upon successful transaction confirmation, you'll receive an NFT confirmation representing your DeGuard VPN plan. This unique token is your digital key to a secure online experience.

6. Access Your VPN Configuration:

Upon a successful transaction, click the "VPN" button to access your configuration. Here, you'll find the options to download the configuration file or scan the configuration barcode.

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